The most important person you will ever talk to is yourself!
There are times in our lives when we need to let go of something. Our life is often like trees. We are growing all the time, our roots, history – they strengthen us for a long time. In our lives they appear like leaves in spring -> people, situations, conversations, emotions, happiness and sorrows, events, projects, tasks, milestones, challenges, diseases, good and bad decisions. There comes also a time when, like trees, we have to let go and abandon these leaves to stand alone in front of ourselves. Sometimes in the harsh winter we think and reflect on the dialogue that goes on within us. I am the most important!!! Without me there is no ME. Often the time we spend on ourselves seems to be wasted because everyone has a todo list as long as a letter to Santa Claus. Over time, what you give away for yourself becomes the best investment that returns a profit that you will not find on any deposit. We can have money, material things of people to support or test us. We can also have ourselves, inner friends. And when nobody is watching, they let us cry, laugh, worry, swing in the clouds, and when it comes time to act, they will kick where it is necessary for the body to move. You, my inner friend (I’m talking to myself, I know) thank you that you sometimes have doubts and difficult thoughts because you are building me a better one.
And you already know your friend? If not, find this tree in you -> it’s autumn, maybe you need to help him lose some leaves, even if they seem colourful and beautiful!!!