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Hi, I’m Gosia! I learned how to use what I currently have in my life to build the life of my dreams. And I invite you to travel this path with me.

A few words about me

I am a life coach, mentor, entrepreneur, trainer, and social worker. For the past 10 years, I have been a part of and organised various educational projects that were oriented towards youth and youth workers around Europe.

I took a personal interest in personal development more than 11 years ago, and after living through long years of depression, anxiety, and low self-confidence, I took control over my life with the help of therapy and small steps. I know how hard it is to live without self-confidence, without trusting yourself and also that it’s a sure way to emotional and material bankruptcy.

Therefore, my mission is to share from the tools and energy that I’ve found with others, so that they find the strength and perseverance to move forward through their current situations and lead the meaningful life they are inspired to live.

My values & beliefs

Personal development

Knowledge, experiences, people who surround us – they all add up to who we are today and how we develop. Our day to day activities and moods can be influenced by either ourselves or others. I used to live in a loop where I constantly sought for subconscious approval of those around me. Until I decided to prioritise myself and my development. Finding peace, strength, energy, and fulfilment every day, regardless of the circumstances is what drives my personal development today.

Inner strength

I believe that if we have the power to cry, we also have the power to laugh. If we have the strength to think about all the world’s woes, we also have the power to change our perspectives about them. That as long as we have the strength to invite someone into our lives, we also have the strength to remove them if the relationship no longer serves us. I know that strength is within us and all we need to do is learn how to recognise and guide it to change our lives.

My Approach

I don’t believe in golden eggs and tools served on a silver platter.

I believe in a process that happens through inner work. Sometimes, even for the same client and the same journey the results show up faster, while other times it takes weeks or months to shape a new perspective. But what really makes the difference is who you become during the process. Discovering your potential, learning new habits or setting and working towards your goals will allow you to learn new things about yourself, things that will prepare you better for the next goals.

Understanding our behaviour and reactions helps us transform the relationship we have with ourselves, building an inner best friend, ready to help us at every step. This is where the strength and the faith that we can do everything we set our minds to come from.

And I believe that each of us can use the wings of our potential and fly to where we want to go. But no bird has learned to fly only by watching other birds fly. So let’s tap into that inner potential so that you can spread your wings and fly gracefully!

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