There’s no such thing as a waste of time. It’s the meaning you give it that creates the experience. / Nick Breau /
We learn something new every day. Sometimes we do it the hard way through failure, sometimes the easy way through little pleasure. Every day we have a chance to discover something new in ourselves and others. We can change the action plan every day. I am the one who gives value and meaning to the life I live.
For many years, and also today, I am sometimes lost in the reality of the rush of life. However, there comes a small moment where I do. STOP. What will it do for you? Do you really want to invest your time in it? Depending on the answer, make a plan for the next days, weeks and months.
In our life, the vision of what we want to become is important, without it, we will quickly find a more comfortable path through life — they often distance us from our goals.
After many years of working with business and organizations, I was forced to do: loss and profit accounting, physical, mental, financial, social, visual. Today I know how much I learned and what I needed it for.
Make time today to do something that you put off until later that you might enjoy. Take time to assign meaning to the time you spend on this earth. Time you spend on yourself, building relationships, lazing around without remorse, etc. is not time wasted. Time builds you and your experience.