Hi, my name is Gosia

I help others find the inner strength to take action and change they desire 

Your potential is worth awakening and support

Begin with small steps

You’ll find yourself in a space where you won’t be forced to do anything. You decide when you act. You get to have control over your life.

I challenge you to

Give yourself time to act, develop, and reflect. Give yourself the right to succeed and fail. Take the challenge of transforming what you don’t like today.

You and your goal

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How do you know you’re not following someone else’s dream?


Sounds hard? You will learn how to develop the habit of perseverance that will remain with you day after day, without too much effort.

Believe in yourself

There is no magic spell that will make you believe in yourself right away. However, there are magic daily actions that you can take today.

Take action

Big changes are driven by small actions. Transform your life by doing the actions that are meaningful to you and your goals.

What is Your Next Level? 

Are you clear on what the next level of your life looks like? Let’s work together and get a clear picture of where you want to be, what you want to achieve, and how to get there, all while enjoying the journey, the victories and failures that come along.

What Lies Within You? 

Do you start your days in fear or doubting what you are, what you can do or what you can achieve? Let’s tap into that inner energy that causes you to be inspired and do great things, and your fears and doubts will fade away.

What Does The Process Look Like?

For personal development and discovery, there is no golden rule or path that guarantees your success. Each process is different because each of us are different. My role in your transformation process is to guide you and show you possible alternatives that will help you spread your wings. But simply being aware of the options will not bring the desired results. It’s up to you to embrace the point of view that serves you most, act, and learn how to fly.

1. The decision is yours

No program can start without your decision to make a change. Whether it’s something professional or personal, you need to take the first step to find new and better solutions for your situation. No matter where you are, you can always move forward.

2. Understand your goal

Each of us has different goals, in different stages of our lives. Some people will want to be real estate millionaires, while others will simply want to get a job. I will guide you through a process that will help you find out what is the most important goal at the moment and help you achieve it.

3. Everyday habits toward the goal

When we set a new goal, we sometimes feel it very distant, especially when we need to change habits in order to achieve the goal. Some things are hard to give up because we are afraid of what is new. This is when it’s time for a reality check: what habits serve you and which ones don’t, and how can you transform them step by step?

4. Use the energy to move forward

There will be moments during the process when you’ll want to give it all up and go back to how things were before. This is a sign you’re on the right path. Transformation can be that difficult sometimes, but I will give you the right tools to know what to do when these moments come. Give yourself a chance to find the energy within and use it to go through thick and thin.

5. Celebrate your victory and set new goals

Once you achieve your goal, take the time to celebrate it and be grateful for the journey. Even if I am here to support you, the achievements are yours alone, and it’s worth to take a step back and see the new big picture. Only then you can set new goals, with a new pace, and with a new journey to look forward to.


I am a life coach, mentor, entrepreneur, trainer, and social worker. For the past 10 years, I have been a part of and organised various educational projects that were oriented towards youth and youth workers around Europe.

I took a personal interest in personal development more than 11 years ago, and after living through long years of depression, anxiety, and low self-confidence, I took control over my life with the help of therapy and small steps. I know how hard it is to live without self-confidence, without trusting yourself and also that it’s a sure way to emotional and material bankruptcy.

Therefore, my mission is to share from the tools and energy that I’ve found with others, so that they find the strength and perseverancce to move forward through their current situations and lead the meaningful life they are inspired to live.


“Thank you for the energy and conversation that gave me a new light for the situation I found myself in.” / Oana /

“Wow, what a time it was. I didn’t think people like you exist so close. I used the method you mentioned and it does the work. Thank you.” / Adam /

“Your story inspired me a lot. When I listen to you, I can’t imagine how such a positive person could go through so much. It’s wonderful that you shared her with me and showed that there is no way without a way out.” / Ana /

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I’m starting a new chapter in my life that has excited me for a long time. I hope that you become a part of it. 

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