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Feels Like It’s Time to Make a Change, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

We all find ourselves in moments where we don’t know what exactly we should do differently. I invite you to take the path to yourself and find all the answers are already inside yourself. You just need the right guidance to allow them to come to the surface. This way, you’ll find the best methods that will help you take action even when you feel like giving up.

This Session Will Help You If:

You’re looking for your path

You spend too much time thinking and not enough in action

You change your mind frequently and find it hard to make a decision, then stick to it

You want to start something new

You feel you don’t have enough strength to make the change on your own

You want to talk to someone

You want to improve your internal dialogue ect.

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.” 

— Robert T. Kiyosaki 

The transformational process is not easy, but living a life where you feel uncomfortable or where you experience bad moods constantly is even more difficult. As with any process, there will be ups and downs, days that go better and moments when you feel like quitting. However, I believe that it is better to have ups and downs on our own path than in a life we are not satisfied with anyway.

Why Work with Me?

Life has brought me a lot of experiences and emotions, and it was not easy for me to face the world after years of depression, of living in fear, and of dealing with the trouble that resulted from them. But it was during these years that I learned how to use my resources better, and how to use my emotions as fuel for building a new life for myself.

I used to blindly follow and look for other people’s opinion about me and my work. I was frequently afraid to make a decision that felt good for me, and I was constantly doubting myself. I wasn’t sure if what I was doing made any sense or if someone found my work useful. While I was looking for these answers, I realised – and not in an easy way – that I was relying too much on others. Thanks to therapy and self-discovery, I learned how to rely on and support myself more, and I learned many methods and habits that I still use and help me every day.

I know how difficult it is to take the first step out of a toxic condition, or how difficult it is to live facing bankruptcy. And I also know how beautiful life can be when you start connecting to yourself. And I want to guide you through your own journey. I can’t take any actions for you, I will not give you a plan with a thousand steps, and I cannot guarantee success. But what I can guarantee is that I will help you develop and build a new reality for yourself at every stage of your path.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We’ll start with a meeting where we’ll see where you are, where you want to be, and how I can help you get there. Then, we’ll explore alternatives and determine what is the end result that we are pursuing in your transformation. The meeting is free and will last about 45 minutes.


Choose a Coaching Plan

The second step is to choose the best coaching plan according to your pace. Do you want to take it slow and build a new reality step by step or do you want to power through the process? No matter what your choice is, we will decide on the best fitting coaching plan for you, then we’re going to act on it.

Reach Your Goals

We will meet and analyse your progress, make adjustments, and assess how your new actions impacted your confidence, strength, and energy. We will adapt the plan for optimal progress, we will come up with solutions that are tailored to your needs and by the end of the program you will have reached your goal!

Change for the better begins where you are now.

Don’t be afraid to start.


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